My name is Patricia Estevez and I have been a member of Sandra’s Zumba Fitness Since March 27, 2014.  Since beginning Zumba I have lost 20lbs and have never felt better in my life. Since starting Zumba I am stronger, my back pain is gone, and my self-esteem has improved so much. The Instructor, Sandra, is such an uplifting person, she has so much energy, she pumps the class up and she always makes you feel great and give us such positive feedback.

I plan on continuing to attend her class and hope she becomes part of the Lee Memorial Family.

Thank you.

Patricia Estevez


Why I Like Zumba?

Zumba is a fun way to exercise because I get a cardio workout but feel like I'm dancing. I have done Zumba with Sandra for 2-1/2 years now. Two years ago I had major foot surgery and Zumba helped me feel normal again but more importantly helped me regain my balance. posture and stamina. Sandra is a wonderful instructor who pushes me to do my best but also knows my limitations. My Zumba experience has been uplifting and fun over the past years and I hope to continue for many years to come.

Debbie Wingerson


Zumba is a wonderful way to get a good aerobic workout while at the same time strengthening the core muscles. The dance steps are exhilarating and the routines keep one concentrating and using one's mind.

Barbara Waldman


In the year 2000 I broke my leg. It took me 5 months to walk again. The doctors told me to exercise or I would get arthritis. I joined the gym for 10 years. Someone said try zumba. I did not know what it was, Zumba. I love to dance. I have tried line dancing, body combat, spinning, ballroom dancing, clogging. Zumba to me is great workout and it is fun. I met Sandra at age 59 and I was impressed at the amount of energy she had and the great music. It took me months to master some of the dance moves. l was a size 6 when I started doing Zumba with Sandra. l lost I6 lbs. in 4 months. I’m 5 feet tall and I was I40 lbs. size 12 before I started zumba. Now I am 64 feel great, size 0. My cholesterol is down, blood sugar normal, my triglycerides are normal and my blood pressure is low. My doctor said my heart is strong, that of a 25-year-old. I owe all the credit to Zumba with Sandra. She opened her own studio 3 years ago and I quit the gym and followed her. Her classes are effective, fun and dynamic. Her zumba fitness is good for stress. The hour fly by and you can burn 850 to 1000 calories. I have seen many lives changed, as women lose the weight and they are having fun dancing. Sandra ‘s music is uplifting, positive and effective for losing weight and toning your body. Sandra has classes for toning, zumba from the chair. In addition, she is a personal trainer so the fitness she teaches incorporates all parts of the body and it is safe and very effective for weight loss and toning. After a stressful day at work, I look forward to the night class of zumba fitness. She has classes 6 days a week, night and day and on Sat.  My goal is to show and tell more medical personnel that exercising can be fun with Zumba Fitness.

At the present time there a lot of nurses and doctors who attend classes with Zumba with Sandra. I hope that I will see an increase of medical personnel in the future exercising here. Sandra's fitness program is full of energy, interesting, fun, positive and motivating. There is a lot of zumba instructors in town, but no one has the energy and dance dynamics that Sandra portrays. In the last 3 years I have seen many lives changed in a positive way and I hope there will be a Zumba epidemic starting with the employees of Lee Memorial Health System in the future. Ditch the workout and Join the Party

Linda Reese


I like going to Zumba with Sandra since It has helped me with my diabetes. The medications help some but Zumba has definitely helped a lot. I am hoping to reduce my medications in the near future.

Many people think that Zumba is dancing, and it is true with some Zumba classes offered. Zumba with Sandra is not just about dancing, it is a hard core exercise that moves your whole body, that includes your head and fingers. I can feel the results. The music is upbeat. lt makes me feel free during the Zumba class, I cannot explain it in words...you must try and experience it yourself...

The most important thing is that it gives me positive attitude.

Thank you Sandra for helping me with my health and outlook in life...

Sincerely, Fiona Williams


Why Zumba is important to me?

Sandra inspires me to go that extra mile, just one more squat, keep moving, no break, no water, you can do It! And I can do it (of course she is right there with us!) I would not have tried If not for her! It has helped me to lose over 40 pounds and my endurance is so much better.

It is the best outlet for the stress of the day!

I have made some amazing friends through Zumba. My life has truly been enriched!

Cindy McLean

Clinical Supervisor

Florida Urology Physicians


I joined Zumba in 2013. It has been one year and I lost about 20 lbs. Sandra is a true professional. Her choreography is like no other zumba instructor. She is a motivator and a perfectionist with her moves.

Janet Cruz


I just wanted you to know that I find Zumba not only enjoyable, but also relaxing. Recently my dad passed away on a Saturday morning, and the only thing I could do to overcome the grief was to go to Zumba. This is the type of exercise that I will stick with doing. Working on machines in a gym is so boring, that I do not look forward to it. I have lost 35 pounds in a year before Zumba, but Zumba has helped me to keep it off and also has helped tremendously with toning, because now I am losing inches and fitting into my new clothes better.

Sandra has definitely contributed to my enthusiasm to do Zumba because she is so energetic and funny and make each class seems like it is the first time I am doing it. I like also that she has the toning classes in addition to the regular Zumba.

I will always be coming to Zumba.

Marjorie Chutkan, MS, RD, LD/N

Clinical Outpatient Dietitian


l have been going to Zumba for 3 years now and before Zumba l was having a lot of back problems and really out of shape. I would be out of breath just walking up the stairs and just could not keep up with life. Zumba has increased the strength in by back and l have endurance like never before. I go upstairs and don‘t break a sweat like I use to. l have lost 22 lbs. and have so much energy now. Zumba was the best decision I ever made! With Zumba you do something good for your body and actually want to go unlike going to the gym which you dread going and never really have a good time. My daughter (12 yrs.) comes with me sometimes and it's a great little cardio that she can do to start her out with a healthy lifestyle. Anyone who can move can do Zumba. You don't need rhythm Sandra has enough for all of us. Just keep moving and eat good and the weight will melt off.

Thank you,

Nina Howell

Traffic Operations Center Operator

Lee County DOT Traffic


I love Zumba fitness with Sandra because it helps me stay fit. Sandra is a gifted instructor and presents with knowledge and experience. it is addictive and amazing.

Cathleen Schneider RN.

Health Park Care Center


l started coming to Zumba because I wanted to learn the cool dance moves like I saw on the Infomercials on TV. The first class I did with Sandra was a blast I left there feeling euphoric, on top of the world, like I had so much energy. It was a great feeling, and a great mood booster.

I've tried many different forms of exercise because I don’t want to over train in just one area. Zumba is a great all around workout I am always up for a class of Zumba, even after running a 5K one morning. I don’t think of it as a workout. It's just FUN!!

I like coming to Zumba w/ Sandra because she has so much energy, she makes you feel good about yourself. The camaraderie in the class is also very supportive. Everyone is made to feel welcome when they first walk through the door.

I try to recruit my co-workers and friends to attend the classes and hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I do.

Jamie Fitzgerald

Continuity Director

Sales FTP Coordinator


News Now/METV


Sandra‘s zumba class was wonderful! After a long week of work the Saturday class was stress relief at its best. She keeps it fun and inviting for new members. I can't wait for the next class!!

Tiffany Linville